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Not the Usual News

If you're tired of the doom-and-gloom messages from the media, check out my news for a change! My recent column in Colorado Biz Magazine covers ways to invest in your team and your marketing program to Turn the Worst of Times into the Best.

Also, you can see my latest TMS Blog entries for a positive spin on some contemporary themes:
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Let It Be a Dance

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Sales Results Can Turn Worst to Best of Times

Don't just wish for growth in 2009 — Believe and Act! Over the past few newsletter issues, I've highlighted ACTIONS to SURVIVE and THRIVE, including:
Develop a good plan and act on it
Serve your customers
Invest in marketing and advertising
Increase product and market coverage
Invest in your team

Now, here's a seventh action that research has shown can help fuel growth in a recession.

Develop Your Sales Strength

In working with company presidents who are scared about the impact of the economy on their sales, we're finding that it's taking longer to close sales, and firms often do not have enough in their pipeline to make up for the delay. Times have changed. Have you modified your sales approach? How effective is your sales force? Does your sales process consistently move leads to qualified prospects and onto closed accounts? Are your sales people up to snuff?

Some sales people will give excuses, "These are tough times, no one is buying anything." There are results to the contrary, however. One of my clients reported 144% sales growth last year. Recall the cliché, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." The overachievers — the A players that you want and need on your team — still produce sales results.

Seven Practical Pointers on How to Develop Your Sales Force
Ask yourself the tough questions. Be honest. Take this free, simple sales force assessment. Along with your score, you'll see how your sales force compares with others and receive an explanation of what your score means. Then we'll recommend what you can do to improve your score.
Conduct a thorough evaluation of your sales force and sales management.
Raise expectations by establishing a clear sales plan with goals and process.
Topgrade — free up the future of the underachievers and recruit A players.
Continue to develop your sales team through training.
Keep your people passionate and more productive.
Hold your sales team accountable

Don't just wish for growth in 2009! Now is the time to assess, upgrade, and train the trainable.

Proactive companies thrive in a recession — they believe and act. Many firms find they can't do it alone and turn to a consultant/coach to help navigate the choppy waters.

Themes Can Help Get You to the Top

What's your theme for the new year? You do have a theme, right? The best themes encourage you to stretch, are easy to remember, are fun, and keep everyone focused on important metrics. It definitely helps to have a reward for achieving your goals that's in line with the theme.

My personal and business theme this year is BELIEVE AND ACT TO GET TO THE TOP. I use a poster of Mount Rushmore in my office to convey this image. Each month I record actual results on the poster under each team member's picture to track: revenues generated, appointments made, marketing effort, productivity, sense of meaningful purpose, and level of passion for the work.

Want more details on this approach? Contact us and I'll share the personal action plans that I use to track and hold myself and the TMS team accountable — plus have fun along the way.

Do you have a plan to take your organization, your career, and your life "To The Top" in 2009? Kick-off the year with a plan and then get the help you need to keep on track in executing it. Contact us to explore the options for group and individual coaching. Learn more about all the TMS programs to help you and your business.

Believe and Act!

Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.
CEO, Entrepreneur, Consultant & Business Coach, Speaker & Author
Technology and Management Solutions, LLC

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Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.

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