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Good News

Theresa was selected as "Women Who Light The Community" by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce. Come to the September awards celebration (see Events below).

What Success Formula Did Floyd Landis Use?

Floyd Landis, winner of the 2006 Tour de France bicycle race, demonstrated the "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" success formula. This approach allows ordinary people and organizations to produce extraordinary results. The formula works for companies seeking to enhance business performance as well as individuals seeking to reach their personal and professional dreams.

Landis followed the proven 4-stage "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" process and applied the six success strategies along the way. You can see the explanation in my book, Pursuit of Passionate Purpose: Success Strategies for a Rewarding Personal and Business Life.

1. KNOW THE PERSON, FIND PASSION. While Floyd broke away from the constraints of his family's conservative Mennonite religion in order to follow his calling to race bicycles, he held on to important values formed from his early years and parental guidance. As USA Today (07/24/2006) reported, "My parents taught me that hard work and patience are some of the most important things in getting what you want."

Passion is found in the alignment of your values and gifts. For example, when Landis' values for winning were aligned with his core competencies of athletic prowess, hard work, persistence, and patience, tremendous passion emerged. Passion is essential. After Lance Armstrong won the Tour for a sixth time, he explained what made the difference in accomplishing what no other cyclist had ever done. "Passion. Passion made the difference," Armstrong declared.

2. ALIGN PASSION WITH PURPOSE. Next, Landis aligned his passion with the purpose of winning the Tour de France. He set and held a vision. As USA Today (07/24/2006) reported, "I've imagined winning this race quite a few times." He fully committed even to the point of training and competing while his right hip suffered with avascular necrosis, or bone death.

3. PURSUE PURPOSE. Landis then pursued his goal with his whole self — head, heart, and body. The pursuit began with the preparation, which included learning the ropes and winning strategies while helping Armstrong win. He developed and focused on implementing a plan by persistently involving the proper people, sponsors, and resources. Winners don't do it alone — it takes the right teammates and support system. This was the case with Landis.

During the grueling race, Landis used the 'Persistence Strategy' to mindfully persevere with focused determination using a divide-and-conquer approach. Here are five practical pointers on maintaining persistence which anyone can use:

Commit. Pledge yourself to a clear purpose for which you have passion. Increase clarity.
Divide. Choose to work on a small piece of your purpose. Build focus.
Conquer. Take action and direct, with relentless determination, your head, heart, and hands energy toward your purpose.
Develop. Establish ways to receive feedback. Open your ears and hear the response. Use this information to adjust as necessary and also to build your energy.
Allow. Let go of attachment to a certain way to attain your goal. By reducing internal struggle, you increase the impact of your energy.

4. ASSESS PROGRESS. Landis evaluated progress along the way and made mid-course corrections. After the devastating 16th stage where Landis lost more than 10 minutes and looked to be out of the race, he regrouped and adjusted his strategy. The next day, in an awe-inspiring comeback, he broke away and moved himself back into contention. This allowed him to win a few days later.

Now after recognizing and appreciating success, he is focused on what's next — hip surgery and coming back. And so the ongoing and iterative process continues. He will move on to the first stage of the process again — to redefine himself and connect with his passion, purpose, and pursuit of recovery.

WHERE ARE YOU ON THE TOUR DE FRANCE? Take an assessment (or contact Theresa and have her help you). How are you doing in reaching your business goals? Is it time to regroup and adjust your strategy and implementation programs? Position yourself for the big win! Get the right support team! Don't try to do it alone.

Selected Upcoming Events

Look for Theresa's blog at: The next edition will explore Summer Dreams and the Perils of Being Overscheduled.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006. Help Theresa celebrate her award for "Women Who Light The Community." Luncheon at the Omni Hotel and Resort, Broomfield, CO. 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM MDT. To register for the event, contact 303-442-1044 x104 or or

Perform and Persist!

There is a systematic way to produce extraordinary results. Live the "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" success formula, just like Floyd Landis did in winning the Tour de France. Let Technology and Management Solutions, the catalyst for your extraordinary results, help you and your organization break through barriers. Make another great business decision. Contact us today!

Performance in 2006,
Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.
CEO, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker, and Author

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Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.

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