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    August 2008
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CAN YOU HELP? Do you know organizations and leaders in the Dayton/Cincinnati/Kentucky area that need a tune-up in performance, productivity, and passion? On October 3rd, I will be speaking in Cincinnati (see events below) and I'd like to find other business engagements while I'm there. Please let me know ( if you have any ideas or contacts. THANKS!

130% Growth, Innovative Spirit, Shake It Up

Is your firm interested in growth? Find out how Technology and Management Solutions, as a certified Gazelles Coaching Partner, helped Challenge Aspen grow 130% in one year. Learn more at Challenge Aspen.

Check out my latest blog postings at There you'll learn about Boulder's innovative spirit and sustainable businesses. Plus find out how to shake things up and get more productive.

Summer Dreams and the Perils of Being Overscheduled

"If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live."   Lin Yutang

Yep, I have been overscheduled lately with work, fun, fitness, and good causes such as politics. Yet in unscheduled times, great ideas emerge. Managing this polarity well — being scheduled and being unscheduled — may hold the secret to attaining balance in life and having the energy to perform at your peak. What are polarities? Read Chapter 7 of Pursuit of Passionate Purpose or check out my new presentation called "Go With The Flow."

I dream of hanging out in the hammock in my secret garden, looking up at the blue sky while watching the Aspen leaves shimmer in the breeze. How many times have I actually made it there this summer? A grant total of ONE! Well the summer is not over yet, so perhaps there is hope. Actually there have been other unscheduled moments for me this summer such as daydreaming in a field of wildflowers at Rocky Mountain National Park and hanging out on the grass by the Statue of Liberty looking out across the water to the New York City skyscrapers.

I remember summers as a kid in the suburbs of Chicago. They were hot, long, and lazy. Without money for fancy vacation trips, summertime meant simple fun close to home. Our creativity went wild. We would roller skate, take turns being the statue maker while spinning our playmates into statues, play badminton, sew doll clothes under the shade of the maple tree, hit the softball in the alley, try to improve our canasta game, walk to the neighborhood swimming pool, camp with the Girl Scout troop, spit watermelon seeds as far as possible, and chase the fire flies as they darted across the yard. Yes, summer also included household chores such as hanging the wash out on the clothes line and canning homegrown vegetables, babysitting, and finding other ways to make a little money. What did your childhood summers hold? How can you recreate some of those unscheduled and simple pleasures?

What is your summer dream and how are you manifesting it? How can you and your firm benefit from being less scheduled? Schedule some unscheduled time into your calendar right now. You might be surprised at the great ideas that surface.

Upcoming Public Events

Thursday, September 18, 2008. Hear Theresa speak on "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" to the National Association of Purchasing Management. Denver Renaissance Hotel at 6:45 PM MDT. Visit for more information.

Friday, October 3, 2008. Theresa speaks on "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" at a business event in Cincinnati, OH. Oasis Conference Center from 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM EDT. Contact me ( to explore booking your own event.

Friday, October 10, 2008. Theresa speaks on "To The Top: Reaching New Heights of Performance, Productivity, and Passion" to the Institute of Management Consultants. 7:00 AM MDT at the Denver Athletic Club, 1325 Glenarm Place, Denver, CO. To register contact

Focus, Finish, and Fly to Live, Love, Laugh

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