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    September 2007
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Believing that Positive Results are Possible

Confidence is an essential element for doing well in school, in work, and in life. My 11-year-old daughter came home yesterday after a math exam and announced that she hates math. Having started out as a Mathematics major in college and loving math, this was like an arrow to my heart. She is a very good student and has up to this point loved puzzles, solving problems, and math. It made me wonder, what are we doing to build confidence in her abilities? What were we and the educational system doing to destroy that confidence? When you believe in your abilities, you more easily love what you're doing and are more productive and effective — you perform and produce extraordinary results.

This same principle applies to our people at work. What are we doing to make our employees feel confident about what they're doing? When they believe in themselves and their abilities, the sky is the limit, for the organization.

Recall the quote from Mark Plaatjes, 1993 world marathon champion. "Believe in yourself. The one who wins is the one who wants it the most — the one with the most self-confidence."

Yet too often our management styles and team interactions kill the ability to believe. The letter S, for self-esteem, the S in the SUNFLOWER traits of successful people, is the first and most important characteristic of Passionate Pursuers, those people who find and fulfill their goals. Confident people generate self-esteem. People with high self-esteem know their own worth. They have a favorable impression, respect, appreciation, and belief in themselves.

The amount of self-doubt and judgment is high when a person's level of self-esteem and confidence is low. However, even those with relatively high self-esteem and confidence can benefit from tools that can quiet nasty self-talk.

PRACTICAL POINTERS to build more confidence:
FIND SUPPORT. Be with people who encourage you.
FEEL. Visualize a positive outcome.
RECALL. Remember positive experiences to counterbalance the negative ones.
FORGIVE. Pardon yourself for not being perfect.
USE THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK LOOP. Establish a small goal, work on it, achieve it, and let the resulting feedback encourage you.


One of my clients was having difficulty making its sales goal. Since the future of the company depended on getting past this hurdle and having the sales revenue flow in, there was even more pressure and tension. In looking within, we realized that the team had lost its confidence in the product and its ability to make sales.

After becoming aware of the situation, we initially targeted one industry where there were ingredients for success and where we could set up a positive feedback loop. In that niche, we found a customer champion who was willing to go public with the value he received from the product and service. This advocate was so positive that he wrote a glowing testimonial letter and offered to open the door to other decision makers in this industry.

By surrounding itself with customers who encouraged and believed in the firm's offering, the team's confidence in the product and its ability to sell grew. The team — now focused with laser attention on making sales in this niche — has organized a campaign targeted on this industry. With this clear, narrowly focused goal, the confidence is building and many interested prospects have surfaced. The desired results are just around the corner.

Upcoming Public Events

Wednesday, October 3, 2007. "Dancing with the Boulder Stars." Boulder Theater, 7:30 PM MDT. Have a fun, networking evening and vote for Theresa as she participates in this premier event, modeled after the hit television show. Theresa is one of six local celebrities partnered with six local dance instructors. Vote for your favorite dancers by casting votes at $1.00 each. All proceeds benefit the YWCA of Boulder County. Tickets for sale at the Boulder Theater at 303-786-7030 or

Monday, October 5, 2007. Keynote address at the St. Mary of Czestochowa fundraising dinner. Cicero, IL at Klas Restaurant on Cermak Road. 6:00 - 10:00 PM CDT. Join in the fun, networking, and silent auction. For tickets or information contact Al Theis, Principal, 708-656-5010 ext 56 or visit

Wednesday, October 17, 2007. Theresa is a judge for the Esprit Entrepreneur Awards from the Boulder Chamber of Commerce. The hottest entrepreneurial ventures of Boulder County will be recognized. Make your reservation for the day-long activities (some are free) at

Tuesday - Wednesday, October 23 - 24, 2007. Attend the Gazelles Fall Growth Summit with Theresa in Las Vegas. For more information, visit and register with Theresa ( so you're invited to her opening night reception. Then hear seven of the best thought leaders in the industry.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007. Workshop on "Topgrading: Hire 'A' Players," with Geoff Smart, Ph.D., in Denver. For more information, visit and register with Theresa ( so you get a special bonus. See the July 2007 "Szczurek Success Strategies" newsletter for insights on this powerful approach to solving the #1 problem for career and financial success.

Believe Positive Results are Possible to Bring Your Firm to New Heights in Profit, Productivity, and Passion

Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.
CEO, Entrepreneur, Consultant & Business Coach, Speaker & Author
Technology and Management Solutions, LLC

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Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.

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