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Have you noticed? There is a shortage of top talent for businesses. With the unemployment rate at all-time lows, organizations are seeing their growth hindered by their inability to attract, hire, and retain people. What to do?

Help People Find and Fulfill their Passion in Your Organization

Studies show that at any time 50% or more of employees would leave their current position if they could find the right new position. It's extremely competitive out there. People are often not engaged in their work. They're not finding what they want in employment.

It's not about the money. It's about finding the right way to contribute and a way to connect. When people are pursuing a passionate purpose they are engaged and intrinsically motivated. They will stay and continue to make a meaningful difference.

What is a manager to do? How can managers hire and inspire people? My Pursuit of Passionate Purpose research delivers answers. Here are two organizational attributes that my speaking and consulting clients have found helpful.

SENSE OF MEANINGFULNESS. People want meaning. How can their work in your organization provide them meaning? It starts by asking what your employees value. What is important to them? You need to know what makes your employees' hearts sing. How can employees' values be aligned with your organization's core values?
You do have discerned corporate values to live by, right? Are you living by them? It may be time to revisit these.
SENSE OF CHOICE. When people have a choice in how they use their time and talents, they are more intrinsically motivated. They will unleash their passion. Passion produces productivity and fun. Passionate people stay and contribute. How can you give employees choice in their work? Have you asked them lately what they feel is the best way to accomplish the corporate goals?
You do have clear quarterly corporate goals whereby each employee has a personal action plan directing their efforts toward achieving these objectives, right? Annual corporate strategic planning with quarterly updates should deliver a short one-page plan that helps managers and employees get aligned. This plan is the means to communicate to employees how they can make a meaningful difference in your organization.

There is more — much more — for managers to know and use. Stay tuned or contact me to explore how to apply these steps in your situation to attract and retain the talent you need.


People seek passionate purpose in their work to give them meaning and connections. When people find and fulfill their passions via your organization's work they are attracted and stay. They are productive and have fun along the way. The 'pursuit of passionate purpose' can be used by organizations to attract and retain the talent they need. It works!

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October 22, 2018. Boulder Valley IQ Awards. Join Theresa, a judge, at this event which honors companies that have been instrumental in developing the most innovative products and services. Radish Systems was an earlier winner. 4:30-8:00 PM MDT at Embassy Suites, Boulder. Learn more and register.

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