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What Girl Scouts Teach About Finding Your Pot of Gold

Every organization benefits when team members work passionately together toward a common, meaningful goal. The reward is not only the pot of gold at the end. It includes enjoying the journey.

This past weekend my Girl Scout troop of 12 and 13-year-old middle school girls completed an important pursuit of passionate purpose. As part of earning their silver award — the highest earned award given to Cadette Girl Scouts — these five girls planned and ran an "Outdoor Skills" campout for nearly 75 people in the mountains. Unknown to them, they used a universal 4-step proven process which brings success in pursuing important goals:

FIND PASSION. The intersection of your values and your gifts describes what you are passionate about. Passion is important because it's the fuel for the pursuit — it makes a huge difference in the level of engagement, enthusiasm, and energy directed toward the purpose. The Cadette Girl Scouts found their passion by aligning their love of the outdoors with their ability to teach outdoor skills to others.
ALIGN PASSION WITH A PURPOSE. After finding passion, then align it with a worthwhile purpose. For the Cadettes, this purpose was to teach younger Girl Scouts, 3rd through 6th graders, basic outdoor skills such as knot tying, lashing, orienteering, nature observance, using tools, teambuilding, first aid, and more so they could love the outdoors too.
PURSUE THE PURPOSE WITH A PLAN AND PEOPLE. Then develop a focused plan to implement while enjoying the process. The Cadettes drafted a road map to get where they wanted to go. They broke the journey up into smaller parts and pursued each part: training for and participating in an outdoor skills competition as a way of learning what they would ultimately teach, going on a practice campout, and getting first aid certified.
ASSESS PROGRESS. This is the stage to evaluate progress, recognize success, appreciate, and determine what's next. At each skill station, girls filled out a short assessment. At the end of the weekend, leaders and girls completed a longer evaluation form. As a result of this event, almost every attendee improved her confidence level in each skill and many now reported loving tent camping. What a positive impact was made on these younger girls! The Cadettes, who stretched themselves in planning and preparing over four months, also gained confidence in their ability to successfully complete a big project. Now after they rest a bit, these Scouts will determine ways to build further on their success.

The pursuit was not without its challenges such as team conflicts, time constraints in juggling multiple priorities, limited budget, and uncontrollable factors such as bad weather. That's life. The Cadettes learned that situations can be difficult as well as easy. Yet with persistence, team work with the right people, bringing along the energizers, and unpacking the hindrances they made it to their goal.

I will always remember the pleased and confident look on the faces of the Cadettes at lunch (midway through the outdoor skills event), when they reported on how well it all was going. "The younger girls get what I am teaching. They like the learning activities and are enjoying themselves." Here was the pot of gold — courage, confidence, and character-building for the Cadettes and the attendees!


Use the 4-stage 'pursuit of passionate purpose' process.
Connect with the proper people who can provide help along the way.
Use the 'divide and conquer' approach. Commit to a clear purpose, divide it into parts, conquer piece-by-piece with unremitting will, and build confidence from the accomplishment.
Focus, finish, and fly. Say 'no' to many things in order to say 'yes' to finishing your passionate purpose.
Be clear on what you want and allow how you get it to unfold. This will help you enjoy the journey.

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