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People are one of the most critical resources for a growing firm. The right people, that is. In days of low unemployment rates, finding and nurturing people so they really contribute is an entrepreneur's challenge.

"Life is people. It is not about achievements and awards. It is about who you spend your life with. Building greatness is not a matter of circumstance or chance. It is a function of conscious choices and disciplines." Jim Collins, author of Good To Great.

In other words, people are the most important factor influencing your firm's success. What to do?

Hire for Passion

Even when the potential hiring pool is small, make sure that prospective hires have passion for your company's work as well as for life. Passion is found when values are aligned with capabilities / gifts / talents. In this intersection, one finds passion.

"It is hard to build a fire with wet wood. Don't hire wet wood. Hire passionate people. Create an environment for them to succeed and get out of their way." Al Byers, President, Meyer Natural Angus.

Here are interview questions you can ask to help ensure you hire passionate people who are a match for your organization's values:

What do you value in a work environment and life?
Give an example where you lived true to your values when they were challenged in the workplace? What was the outcome?
What helps you build your self-confidence? Give an example where your confidence was strengthened?
What you are curious about? What are you doing now to continue to learn, explore, and discover?
Share an example where you maintained integrity of effort and did not quit, even when the going got tough
What makes your heart sing with your work? What are you passionate about? Give an example where you lived out your fervor in your work?

Effective Passionate Pursuers strengthen their 'Sunflower' traits to maintain passion. Many of the questions above are based on these traits. Contact me for the full list of 'Sunflower' traits.

Keep Them Passionate

Jim Collins in Good to Great recommends getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats. Using this metaphor, consider a company that hires the right people — those perceived to have productive Passionate Pursuer traits — and then spends considerable time and resources training them. Unfortunately, studies show that within a year more than 25 percent of these employees are no longer engaged.

People who are living their passionate purpose are intrinsically motivated. They love what they do. They stay and continue to make a difference. As Don Van Landingham, retired Chairman and CEO of Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp, said, "Ball Aerospace combines meaningful work with passionate people. A lot of people would work if you didn't pay them."

To create a work environment for employees to succeed, a company and its managers need to ensure that staff get:

SENSE OF COMPETENCY. When you meet high standards and feel proficient, you are more motivated. When you produce high-quality work, you feel good about your own performance. You want to do more. (Managers, what feedback do you give your people about their competency?)
SENSE OF PROGRESS. The more advancement you perceive toward the destination, the more motivation you have for continuing the journey. Significant forward movement spurs continued effort. (Managers, how can you help your people make progress? What adjustments are needed?)

During my consulting and speaking with organizations, we explore how managers can use these and other factors to find and retain the right people.


Passion produces results — extraordinary financial results. And it is fun. Take steps now to hire passionate people and to keep them passionate.

In the News

Radish CEO Theresa Szczurek, was highlighted in the Denver Business Journal's 20th anniversary issue of Outstanding Women in Business. As one of the 1999 honorees, Szczurek noted that, "We're seeing increased numbers of women-led businesses and good performances. I have found, however, two big areas seem to be lacking, and one is women in STEM — and especially in the information technology arena. The other area that I think really hasn't changed enough is funding for women-owned businesses." According to Fortune magazine, female founders got 2% of venture capital dollars in 2017.

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