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What do you stand for? What does your personal and business brand represent? Now is the time to reflect on 2012. Was it all you wanted it to be? Did you live true to your highest convictions and values? Your reflections can guide you in putting together a plan to execute in 2013.

"WE SPREAD INTEGRITY."™ This is the motto of Once Again Nut Butter, an employee-owned company located in a small, rural community in upstate New York. "You can be assured that extra care and consideration is taken into bringing you the freshest and highest quality products possible. Our employees insure that you will enjoy a wonderfully rich tasting product that is produced with integrity." In eating Once Again organic sunflower butter this afternoon, I tasted the goodness. Their values come through.

KNOW THYSELF. The sages since antiquity have said, "Know Thyself." The foundation of personal and business planning starts with values — what you stand for. Values and gifts define your passion. Passion, along with other personal traits, determines how effectively you pursue your purpose.
Your values define who you are and what is meaningful to you. Values include your core beliefs, ideology, ethics, morals, attitude, and ideals.
Your gifts mold how you can uniquely contribute. Gifts include your talents, experience, abilities, aptitude, education, and traits.
Your traits are personal characteristics that allow you to effectively use your values and gifts. Passionate pursuers, those who successfully find and pursue their passions, have the nine SUNFLOWER traits, as described in my Mar–Nov 2005 Newsletters.

RADISH CASE STUDY. When we restarted Radish 2.0, we reaffirmed the core values upon which we stand. They include:
Integrity, Honesty, and Ethical Conduct
Stakeholder Delight — provide financial and real rewards for all involved including customers, partners, investors, and employees
Innovative Solutions — contribute to the world in a way that would outlive us
Empowering Environment — allow an empowered team to contribute and be rewarded to the fullest
Community Service — support the greater good
Sustainability — be sustainable and non-harmful to the environment

Five Practical Pointers to Determine What You Stand For
INQUIRE. Probe deeply into your values, gifts, and traits. Ask for feedback.
ASSESS. Take the Self Inventory and use it to understand where you are now and what aspects you need to nurture.
EXPLORE. Consider how your values and gifts help define what you are passionate about.
TEST. Strengthen your sense of self by putting your values, gifts, and traits to work in hard times. Interpret adversity as a positive force.
SURROUND. Encircle yourself with trustworthy people who are good examples, give you honest feedback, and live true to your standards.

At the beginning of the new year, now is an excellent time to determine what you stand for. Use this to guide your life and work.

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Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D., CMC®
Radish CEO, Entrepreneur, and Speaker

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