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Good News

A new business blog, called RadishSprouts, is taking root. Theresa is a Finalist for the NAWBO Jean Yancy-Small Business award. Theresa is honored as a "Woman Who Lights The Community." You can see more details below.

How to Maintain Your Values

Just as our July newsletter was hitting the online press, news was breaking about cyclist Floyd Landis' failed test showing unnaturally high levels of testosterone. His second sample showed the same results.

The newsletter explored how the "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" formula could explain how Floyd Landis won the 2006 Tour de France bike race. He may have followed this kind of approach — or maybe not. While one can hope that the appeal process will somehow vindicate him, the situation is all too common in life and in business. Whether it's Enron, WorldCom, Qwest or a company shipping bricks to inflate sales revenue, examples of wrongdoing and questionable ethical standards surround us.

Why? There is great pressure to succeed in the high stakes, winner-take-all world in which we operate. A slight compromise in some ethical standard might provide the edge that allows the win. It's easy to think that, "no one will know and I can get away with it this one time."

But someone will know — you and your higher conscious. Besides the risk to your credibility, the consequence is erosion of your own ethical framework. The devil has just bought a small piece of your soul. Next time, it will be even easier to make the wrong compromise. Whether we perceive it or not, the stakes are very high.

What to do? Check out the discussion of Integrity on p.45-47 in "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose." Here are a few Practical Pointers.

KNOW YOURSELF AND YOUR VALUES. It is easier to do the wrong thing when you are not clear on the definition of right and wrong.
COMMUNICATE YOUR STANDARDS. Write a clear values statement and publish it. Post it on your website, bathroom wall, customer proposals, and more.
SURROUND YOURSELF. Find people who can support you in living to the highest ethical standard. That's why I'm a member of Associated Consultants International, Rotary International, and the National Speakers Association. All have clearly defined ethical standards.
REWARD YOURSELF. Pat yourself on the back and recognize when you have done the right thing — even when a questionable alternative seemed appealing.
STRENGTHEN YOUR VALUES. Use your values or risk losing them. It's when your values are challenged that they will become better defined and stronger.

An Ethics Question For You

Realize that an ethical challenge may not be a BIG win like Landis in the Tour de France. It may appear as a small ordinary decision involved in running your business. Consider this. Just yesterday, I tried to book my favorite hotel for a trip to Chicago. The best rate I could get was $159/night. Yet I knew that my colleague from corporation ABC booked at a rate of $86/night. All I had to do was say I was from ABC and I could save the money. What would you do?

TMS in the Blogosphere

My new business blog, RadishSprouts, is taking root. Check it out at: and learn about "Five Secrets on How to Make a Living While Pursuing Your Passion."

This blog is all about business performance. It poses real-life questions and provides practical answers for putting entrepreneurial spirit to work inside organizations — both established and emerging. Blog postings spread throughout the month are typically different than this monthly newsletter. The blog's name, a play of words from Radish days, is a metaphor of a fast-growing entity that easily sprouts, grows, and produces a zesty and nourishing end-product even in a challenging environment.

Selected Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 6, 2006. Help Theresa celebrate her award for "Women Who Light The Community." Luncheon at the Omni Hotel and Resort, Broomfield, CO. 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM MDT. To register for the event, contact 303-442-1044 x104 or or

Define and Maintain Your Values!

There is a proven way to produce extraordinary results. Live the "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" success formula. Start by defining the values you want to operate with in your life and business. Let Technology and Management Solutions, the catalyst for your extraordinary results, help you and your organization reach new heights through marketing, strategic planning, and organization development. We can help you define your Values Statement and more. Make another great business decision. Contact us today!

Performance in 2006,
Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.
CEO, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker, and Author

P.S. Pass it on. Feel free to share this newsletter with your colleagues.

Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.

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