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Passionate Purpose
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Introducing the Book


Ten practices to turn a good life into a great life and reap real rewards

"By sharing true stories of wisdom from eighty people, Theresa Szczurek inspires us all to create the life we want to live, on purpose, with passion. Her exciting book teaches the premise, path, and outcome to actualize this success, both personally and professionally."

LeAnn Thieman, Co-author
Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Caregiver's Soul


"In the many years I have known Theresa Szczurek she has proven to be the epitome of Passionate Purpose herself, with unflagging energy and generosity to the many people she affects. Her book is another expression of Passionate Purpose written with style. It will help all it touches. It's a great business book."

Margaret Hansson
Gerry Baby Products

Success Strategies for a Rewarding Personal and Business Life

Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.

Q: What is passionate purpose?
A: A meaningful intention or goal pursued with intense enthusiasm, dedication, and interest.

Q: Who are Passionate Pursuers?
A: People who find their passionate purpose in life and work tirelessly to achieve it.

Today, many people wonder how they can achieve more in work and life. They seek the real key to success and fulfillment. But they might be surprised by what they find.

In Pursuit of Passionate Purpose, author and entrepreneur Theresa Szczurek taps into her decades of experience and four years of research to reveal the secret to a successful, rewarding personal and professional life. At the heart of this life-changing book is the premise that every person can produce extraordinary results and reap the real rewards of life. But how? Here, Szczurek shows that the real key to success is caring passionately about what you desire and then pursuing it with true determination.

Based on the everyday wisdom of eighty real people from all walks of life, along with the practical strategies she used to build her own successful company, Szczurek presents the a proven, step-by-step plan for effectively pursuing any passionate purpose.

More than a simple self-help book, Pursuit of Passionate Purpose offers a verified path for finding and fulfilling worthwhile intentions. It helps you understand who you are, what you really want, how to achieve it, and how to assess your progress. Through this process, you discover or reaffirm your passionate purpose. But most important, you'll learn to adopt and apply six strategies that almost all effective Passionate Pursuers share. These help you achieve the meaning, peak performance, financial gain, and professional results you want. Most successful people — including author Jim Collins, world marathon champion Mark Plaatjes, co-inventor of the baby carrier Margaret Hansson, Tom Chappell of Tom's of Maine, and many others who contributed their personal stories to this book — engage in similar practices in their pursuit, and achievement, of passionate purpose.

This inspiring book offers practical pointers for all people on their life journey, helping ordinary people produce extraordinary results. Pursuing that passionate purpose gives people a sense of delight and deep satisfaction — and helps them transform "making a living" into "making a difference".

"It is the pursuit of passionate purpose, as well as its attainment, and relationships along the way that bring the real rewards in life," explains Szczurek. Pursuit of Passionate Purpose shows you how to give yourself the greatest gift you can — a mission that leads to a life lived with more purpose, more passion, and more success. Why risk NOT embracing these success strategies? Life is short. Follow your heart. Begin now.

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