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Introducing the Book


Ten practices to turn a good life into a great life and reap real rewards

"After getting stuck in a bad relationship, Theresa Szczurek broke it off and pursued goals she'd long put on hold. She went back to school, earned her doctorate and co-founded a business that eventually raked in $40 million a year. Today she's an in-demand business consultant and speaker."

Cord Cooper, Columnist
Leaders & Success
Investor's Business Daily

Media Center
TV Interviews
These interviews are also available at the theresaszczurek YouTube channel.
ABC World News
Advice for people considering a career change and those who just want to get more out of their current job.

FOX Dallas
Sometimes we dread going to work every day. How can you change the situation?

TV50 Santa Rosa
A message to help people fulfill their dreams. Bin Laden has a passionate purpose, but is it one that helps society?

ABC Denver
Millions of Americans are not satisfied with their careers. Follow your heart. Why wait?

NBC Denver
How do you define a successful person? What do successful people bring on their journey?

FOX San Diego
More than 75% of people employed are interested in a different job. Employers should be worried.

NBC Charlottesville
Unemployment and under-employment are still issues in our economy. How can people make changes to get what they want?

NBC Grand Junction
Practical steps for people to deal with job dissatisfaction. How do you get to know yourself and your values?

  These podcasts are also available in an RSS feed.

Passion & Purpose
How far are you from your passion and purpose? What one thing would bring you closer to living the life of your dreams? Our guest is devoted to helping you find out. With host Priscilla Brenenstuhl.

The Game Changer
Self-help guru Theresa Szczurek reveals that the real key to a successful and happy life is in knowing what you truly desire and pursuing it with determination. With host Chicke Fitzgerald.

Living Successfully
Pursuing your goal with intense enthusiasm. How do you do it? The nine traits of successful pursuers. With host Bob Keeton. (3 additional tracks are also available.)

Living Successfully
Looking for a path in life that's more rewarding than the one you're on now. With host Bob Keeton.

Bloomberg on the Weekend
A perspective on growth and fulfillment, and the theory that life should be more than just making a living. With host Joe Franklin.

Media Releases
Zest for Life
New book reveals strategies for combining zest for life with purpose and passion in work.

USA Today Poll on Job Satisfaction
30 million Americans aren't satisfied with their jobs according to a USA Today poll.

Passionate Careers in a Down Economy
New book reveals the path to passionate careers for a nation facing an unemployment crisis in a sluggish economy.

Path to Fulfillment
What are common traits among individuals who have succeeded in defining their own paths of fulfillment?

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